Found Money Partnership

5-6 Figures / Month Found Revenue

*No Upfront Costs*
*No Ad Spend*
*No Extra Staff*

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We Fund The Whole Enchilada

We absorb 100% of the downside and share in the upside.

You don’t pay us until the money we’ve made you clears your bank account.

We are incentivized to protect your reputation.

Our Ideal Partner…

Is a mid 7 to 8 figure Business.

Has a list of low ticket buyers who LOVE them.

Has a high ticket offer that has sold well and actually gets results.

Has capacity for more people in their program.

We Stay Out Of YOUR Way

We have no interest in eating off your plate.

Our goal is to not disrupt what you’re already doing.

We want to ADD another profit center to your bottom line.

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