About Us

Let’s get to know each other.

Anthony Simonie

Hi, I’m Anthony. Welcome to our About Section  🙂

I’m a husband to Jill and father to our adopted children Myles and Daisy.

I am the founder and co-founder of multiple successful offline and online businesses.

I love camping, fishing, hiking, riding ATVs, and creating amazing experiences for my family, friends and clients.

My favorite thing to do (Besides spending quality time with family) is helping others reach their goals in business and in life.

I’ve got more than 25 years of successful marketing, sales, and business development experience, including more than 15 years of successful entrepreneurial experience (which I liken to dog years, lol), with businesses bringing in multiple millions of dollars in revenues.

My main focus these days is partnering with high ticket entrepreneurs to extract the revenue left on the table that is locked up in their buyers lists — we call them “Found Money Partnerships”.

Currently, I live in Austin, Texas, and am a big advocate for adoption and foster care. On the weekends, are avid campers and you can find us hiking or biking the numerous trails in our area.

I look forward to chatting with you soon 🙂

Donald Stojack

Hi there, I’m Donald Stojack.

People know me for my performance as a top tier sales & marketing professional who provides direct intervention and strategy for business owners who want to add value and improve their bottom line.

Part of my daily activities involves leading an elite group of associates who get things done.

Better marketing – typically accounting for 80% of business results – is a primary focus of our work.

Outside the box thinking and top-level resources for RESULTS.

The background of those results comes from over 4 decades of entrepreneurship and business building with a dash of creativity provided by a professional concert hall music career.

Yes, that’s correct. I am a professionally trained pianist  🙂

In 2008, I was selected to be on the elite team of Chet Holmes International and stayed with Chet as he forged a business relationship with Tony Robbins in the creation of the successful Business Mastery Seminar model and Business Breakthroughs International.

Those connections and relationships also lead Donald to work alongside master business minds like Jay Abraham, Scott Hallman, and Eben Pagan.

During my time at Business Breakthroughs International, I worked with Senior Vice President, Shane Byers, to create and build the client services division – which in 2 short years became the biggest income producing division of the company.

I’ve been called an in-demand thinker, consultant, and a driver of change for businesses that want to up level their performance and bottom lines.

I’m a father of six and live on the outskirts of Gig Harbor, Washington where I enjoy daily walks in the forest, time out on the waters of the Puget Sound in a kayak and frequent family gatherings with my children, nieces and nephews and now granddaughter.

Part Of Our Secret Sauce

Truth bomb spoiler…

Trying to sell all your prospects the same program for the same reason is ok.

But… selling your prospects their program for their reasons is when the bacon really gets sizzlin’ (like, grease poppin’ on your hands kinda sizzlin’) 

After several simple, yet crazy revealing and intimate conversations with prospects, we figure out the 3-4 core reasons they were interested in your program and began to cater an offer to their why instead of your what.

The result?

More people getting the help they need, the more bottom line revenue for you, more capital to increase front end acquisition to expand the funnel even larger so we can continue the cycle.

I know it sounds ridiculously simple, but many miss this because they are already successful to some degree and are busy doping the 3 or 4 things they know best.

Even though they have a wishlist of 1,000 other things they’d like to do to grow the business, there just aren’t enough hours in a day.

We help them get to more of those things, without having to spend the time, energy, or capital to do so.

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